President’s Message

I took a lot of time to reflect on a short Foreword that reflects the concerns of our association.

ANCONAV is a driving force through its members of the Romanian Shipping Industry, which over time has proven its performance and competitiveness, achieving many projects with which we as Romanians are proud and continue to be proud.

Unfortunately, the evolution of the political factor has neglected this industry, which is now seeking to revive itself through our efforts.

Of course there is much to be done and to be transmitted to the political decision-makers, but this must be said with insistence and I am convinced that the doors we are knocking on will open even though they have often remained closed.

This can only be achieved by uniting our members and rekindling the dialogue with our governments who must understand the priority of this sector and with SEA Europe at EU level.

I am hopeful that we will eventually succeed in imposing our demands in order to be able to assess the future in this very weak context.

I am convinced that this is the only way we will succeed through unity and dialogue.

Thank you!

Sperdea Mircea-Ion
President ANCONAV