Eekels Romania

abstract-redEekels Romania is a one hundred percent daughter of Eekels (TBI) in The Netherlands and is active in the field of marine electrotechnical installations. Projects can be handled turn-key: design, panel building, automation, propulsion systems and installation of the total electrical installation on board of ships.

Eekels Romania is a leading supplier of electro technical services and systems for shipbuilding, industry, environment and infrastructure. We’ve been active as an electro technical installation company with approximately 250 specialists. The company develops and manufactures a broad variety of panels and systems, often in smaller series and tailor-made in accordance with customer demands.

Eekels Romania is now active worldwide like co-maker, integrator, customer following or custom-made. Complete ship’s installations are custom designed for renowned ship owners and manufactured for installation at shipyards worldwide.

Activities performed by Eekels Romania for vessels:

  • Electrical engineering of power and automation systems
  • Manufacturing and mounting of steel work for electrical activities
  • Electrical cables mounting and connecting
  • Electrical panels manufacturing
  • Electrical materials and equipment delivery
  • Commissioning
  • Service and repairing activities.