Shipyard Orsova

orsovaShipyard Orsova was born in 1890, like a small reparation shop for the vessels which participeted to the navigable channel from Iron Gate Romania- Sip Yugoslavia and had a continously development along time, with a spectacular development after the year 1991 when was changed the name and also the organizational profile, being born the new SHIPYARD ORSOVA, stock company.

In this moment SHIPYARD ORSOVA is a society with 100 % private capital, stock company, his shareholders being: SIF Transilvania – 49.98 %, SIF Muntenia- 13,17%, SIF Oltenia – 10,06 % and other stock holders 26,79 %, having a hired personnel around of 700 peoples.

With a social capital of 28.557.297,5 RON and turnover over 80 milions RON yearly, the shipyard is a solid and credible business partner.
The two main activities of the shipyard are:

  • Hulls construction, all of them being exported and representing 98 % from the activity of the shipyard.;
  • Vesels reparation for the internal and external market.


His first activity in works volume represents 90% and in the same measure source of the earnings. It is materialised by execution of the hulls for river vessels – for general goods, container vessels, tanker vessels, gas carriers, technical vessels which receive a small outfitting regarding the pipe system.

Diversity and quality of our hulls are the basement of a continously and intense collaboration with partners from Germany, Netherland, Austria and Belgium.
In the same time with the start of the export hulls construction, our society continously update himself the working technology, making important investments in acquisitions of machines, tools and equipments being capable to produce a varoius spectrum of hulls.

We mention all the process regarding the naval rules are surveilled by inspections from Class Society like: Romanian Naval Authority, Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyd Register and Bureau Veritas.

The Shipyard has also a team of CAD-Engineer and also a technical projecting department able to comply to all modern asks, the society being certified by Germanischer Lloyd with the system 9001.

Like a perspective for the next years is intentioned to be assimiled tidewater hulls, begining construction of full equipped hulls and execution of the chemical tanker vessel with cargo part from duplex stainless steel, first three vessels being delivered to our clients and appreciated as superlative by european specialists.

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