Navrom Shipyard

Every year, NAVROM transports over 10 million tons of different goods: minerals, charcoal, cement, limestone, cereals, fertilizers, rolled goods, etc. These goods go through both internal (Galati, Constanta, Cernavoda, Medgidia, Mahmudia, etc) and external routes towards Ukraine, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany.

For the transportation of goods, the company fleet owes 52 pusher boats of various powers (150 – 3200 PH) and 348 barges of different capacities (1000 – 3200t).

Using these ships, we assure a transportation of 14 500 tons of goods in a single convoy, on internal routes, and 10.000 tons on external routes.

The route of the goods between Constanta and Rotterdam is shortened with 5000 km, by the use of the Danube- Rhin- Main European navigable route. With this route, NAVROM can transport goods from Constantza to Regensburg in 20 days.

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