logo_microplasmaMicroplasma is a well-known privately-owned enterprise established in 1992 with a rich experience in metal manufacturing industry. Microplasma is nowadays a leading industrial enterprise among top similar Romanian competitors. Our products are able to comply with the latest and future requirements concerning provision of spare parts for petrochemical, energy, nuclear and shipbuilding industries etc.

Microplasma is a leading manufacturer of spiral wound gaskets, double – jacketed gaskets, asbestos – free gaskets etc. and it is one of the private-owned enterprises in this specific industrial area having a rapid growth in the Romanian economic environment.

Initially founded in order to produce spare parts for petrochemical industry, the company has maintained high standards for quality and service and has expanded its business goals in order to provide service and various equipments, suitable for ship repair and construction.

At the present time, the company is specialized in manufacturing the followings: industrial gaskets, lenticular compensators, ship outfitting and reconditioning.

Microplasma currently employs over 80 people with an outstanding industrial experience and it also insures, through specific methods, the steady professional skills improvement of its employees, in order to fulfill customers’ needs and comply with its own quality criteria.
We are a full privately-owned enterprise on which you can count on at any time, 24 hrs a day.