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logo dbDen Breejen is active in all marine and industrial markets where it carries out blasting and paint work on both new and existing construction. We conserve newly built ships, ships under repair, naval vessels, yachts, offshore platforms, wind farms, and industrial equipment and objects. Our professionals have been providing top quality services for 60 years. We distinguish ourselves through our flexibility, reliability and technological edge.

Den Breejen provides comprehensive solutions for your painting needs. After pre-treatment, your ships, yachts, tanks and other industrial and civil works will be conserved at any desired standard of quality. Den Breejen is always looking for the latest and best technologies to protect marine and industrial surfaces. Together with our suppliers, we have developed the best systems and equipment for removing rust, old layers of paint, and dirt. Our own equipment and blasting halls allow Den Breejen to clean all metal surfaces extremely thoroughly before applying complex coating systems. With complete confidence, we take on projects and jobs in the marine and industrial world that require paint work of the very highest quality.

Our staff manages a very strong team spread out across Europe. Motivated staff and our knowledge and expertise allow us to provide a top quality product as efficiently as possible.

Services provided by Den Breejen:

Painting- main service provided by Den Breejen which includes painting ships, yachts and other industrial and civil objects according to the beneficiary specifications. We work with both new and existing ships (under repair) and other objects.

Blasting- Thorough pre-treatment of ships and steel structures is crucial before paint can be applied in the desired thickness. Any chipped or old layers of paint and rust are removed using various techniques. Den Breejen still uses hammers and other tools to remove rust in the time-honoured traditional way, as well as by grit-blasting.

Hydro-jet cleaning-Den Breejen uses the very latest hydro-jet technology, with water under extremely high pressure (up to 3000 bar), to remove old layers of paint and rust from steel surfaces. Hydro-jetting has a far lower incidence of environmental hazards than other technologies such as sandblasting.

Tank Cleaning- In the shipping sector, Den Breejen cleans tanks in preparation of, for example, Class Inspections. We issue gas-free certificates and hot work certificates. We also clean tanks in preparation for all types of paintwork.

General Cleaning and vacuum cleaning- Den Breejen specializes in cleaning and refurbishing ships in the broadest sense of the word. We have multiple vacuum vessels at its disposal, with a total capacity of more than 250 m3.


We are proud to include important businesses such as Damen Shipyards, IHC, Amels, the Royal Netherlands Navy and many others as partners in shipyards and repair yards as well as end customers.

We have grown by staying small and plan to keep it that way. Our clients can count on personal attention and short lines of communication, and we will accommodate their wishes and expectations through various solutions, with the goal of always delivering top quality work.

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