Marine & Offshore Consultants

Marine & Offshore Consultants is a company that provides to various clients, on regular basis, engineering, fabrication, third party assessments and consultancy services. Our company focuses on the industrial (oil and gas & renewables, naval, civil) and maritime business sectors.

In all our business fields we follow the same approach of technical competence, uncompromising quality and first-class services around the world. Marine & Offshore Consultants is an independent technical advisor to the oil & gas industry providing technical assurance, consulting, marine operations and project execution services.

Within our group with representation in more than 10 countries, Marine & Offshore Consultants combines advanced engineering and analytical skills with extensive operational experience of complex offshore and onshore oil & gas and renewables assets into fabrication, installation and commissioning of various installations and systems.

Marine & Offshore Consultants understands the challenges the CUSTOMER faces to ensure compliance, manage safety, reduce your costs and at the same time achieve operational excellence and optimize your assets.  They can all seem complex and daunting when viewed in isolation.

Our highly skilled, experienced and dynamic personnel take a holistic approach to deliver safe, smart, sustainable and innovative solutions to complex problems. As a truly independent advisor, we understand when designs are optimal, installations fit for purpose and how to maximize operational efficiency.

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